Crime Pays & Business is Booming!

Put your trigger finger on the all new social 3D shooter!

Fight your way to the top and become the Cartel King!

Getting ready to reload with Cartel Kings

Latest Update

Boss, another bunch of great updates from the crew!

  • Attack other players in Battle Bay and steal their stuff - we're pretty sure you deserve it more than they do anyway!
  • Craft your own guns from hundreds of cool parts - there's bazillions of different combinations!
  • With weekly contests, free premium rewards, daily bonuses and new special events every week you'll get so much free stuff it'll feel like you're robbing us!

Immerse yourself in this explosive 3D shooter!

  • Build a Cartel and chat, help and battle with your friends and other players for awesome rewards. Just don't grass on them...
  • Do really dangerous things! Rob banks, raid armoured cars and battle really scary bosses! Are you up to it!?
  • No point in being the best if you can't brag about it. Get you and your Cartel to the top of the leaderboards and win awesome rewards!
  • Collect your very own weapons of mass destruction - be it RPG's, crazy heavy weapons or the tiny but mighty nuke pistol...
  • Everyone likes stats! Customise your strengths and collect cool loot items that give you unique powers and abilities.
  • Shooting not your thing? Just activate Frenzy Mode and it'll do the dirty work for you. All you need to do is decide what to spend the loot on.
  • Dress the Cartel Kings how you want! Bad suits, terrible hair - even in their underwear or a horses head! (or did we dream that? No, apparently it happened!)

Expand your territory

Start with misdemeanours then move onto felonies, bank heists, epic shootouts, building properties, become the Cartel King.

Take out the trash in epic shootouts with swat, bosses and cartel in hundreds of missions! Demolish other cartels bases and take over their turf in PvP mode. Join a Cartel, fend off rival gangs, co-op on missions and build your empire! Choose your weapons from our armoury or design your own explosive shooters!

Awesome 3D environments!

Donnie Dollars -
This Italian is about the dollars

Donnie is the worst dressed criminal but makes up for it with his shooting skills. Donnie splits his time between the shooting range counting his hits and his personal vault where he counts his cash.

Freddy Knuckles -
Smashing his way from London town!

Freddy was arrested for stealing a tank and driving it over a drive-through. After escaping from military prison he went AWOL and now makes his living in the criminal underworld as a hard hitting British villain.

Crazy Luis -
The Spanish export they won’t take back!

Crazy Luis is an electronic and explosives expert, he has an unhealthy obsession with gold. He learned everything he knows from his late father, Detonation Tony, who was a gold miner back in Spain.

Max Muscles -
Likes guns – but loves the gym!

Made famous for cracking safes open with his head, he’s a mountain of muscle. His daily gym workout consists of him lifting things of the back of trucks. His motto is “Take it or break it”.

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