Crime isn't a game, it's a way of life!

Grab the all new social 3D crime shooter that will blow you away!

There's only room for one at the top - make sure that's you and your cartel!

Pull the trigger with AGB

Latest Update

Boss, another bunch of great updates from the crew!

  • 2 cool new playable characters - Hans Richter the Judge, Jury and Executioner & Eva Roux the Furious French Dragon
  • New Weapon Booster Card Scaling - As you rank up your primary weapons your weapon booster cards will also increase in damage to match your current level of destruction.
  • Revamped Hall of Fame - is YOUR name on it yet??
  • New explosive 1st Job!

Experience the action!

  • Epic shoot-outs in beautiful 3D environments - it's almost a shame to shoot them up!
  • PvP MODE! Attack other players' bases and steal their loot!
  • Join a Cartel and work with other criminals or work against them - play how you want to.
  • Build and expand your empire on a fully interactive 3D map.
  • Hundreds of weapons, gun parts, clothes, valuables, properties, stats, boosters - the list is endless!
  • Take hundreds of crime jobs - each with their own incredible loot rewards.
  • Factory guns are dull! Make your own guns, make them over the top, make them the best!

Climb the criminal ranks

Start out small and expand until you've taken over the entire US and attack other players safehouses in Mexico.

You'll need help, so join a criminal Cartel with other players and help each other towards that one big score. Work together to take down mob bosses, destroy businesses and ensure your domination. There's only room for one at the top - make sure that's you and your cartel!

Awesome 3D environments!

Tyler Casey -
Making crime look good!

Tyler started on the streets of Detroit as a lowly street punk but now commands respect wherever he goes. He's the boss of the biggest cartel in the Mid-West and is busting out across the States but never forgets his roots.

Lucy Wild -
England's Finest

A true English Rose - beautiful but prickly. Don't let her classy looks and accent fool you - Lucy may purr like a pussycat but roars like a tiger!

Hans Richter -
Combining crime with German efficiency!

Hans is a German weapons specialist looking to score big on the streets of the US. If you're ever in a tight spot Hans knows the right weapon for every situation.

Eva Roux -
Bringing a new French revolution!

Eva's father is a Dragon Head in one of the most powerful Chinese Triad gangs. She was born and raised in France by her French mother but her links to the Triads make her one rival not to take lightly.

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