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EightPixelsSquare Launches Sniper Strike: Special Ops

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Sniper Strike: Special Ops Website


We see smartphone and tablet gaming as a golden age for interactive entertainment, where attention-to-detail, innovation and quality really matter.

We aim to blend Art and Science to showcase cutting edge technology and game design, built around the interests of our players.


Our goal is to build highly accessible and innovative games that can continue to engage players for months and years, with frequent updates, live events and community support.

We want to create immediately engaging and fun games which evolve over time to let players play how they want to, including base building, battling versus other players or playing socially in Clans.


The studio was established in early 2013, by a veteran team of developers with an average of over 20 years each working in games and technology development.

Our team draws on their experience to bring unique new games to mobile players, and bring together global communities of millions of players.

The Studio

EightPixelsSquare is a UK independent games studio, based just outside Derby, on the edge of the stunning Peak District national park. The studio is best known for the hit games RAID HQ, All Guns Blazing and Cartel Kings.

Our games are available for smartphones and tablets on both iOS and Android, with 11 million players in over 150 countries worldwide. Our biggest audiences are in the USA, China, France, UK and Russia.


Working with our partners at Unity, we have developed a proprietary tools pipeline to create cutting edge mobile games.

Our highly experienced development team bring decades of experience at the highest level of art, animation, UI, audio, visual effects and graphics programming.

Our design, live ops, and analytics team use our custom tools to help develop games which are highly engaging, fun and constantly evolving.

Made in Derbyshire, UK

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Contact Information

Derby West Business Centre
Ashbourne Road
DE22 4NB

  [email protected]

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